Rebound Belleville closing
early...4pm sat. nov18/17
 Rebound Belleville
open reg sun. 11-4pm!
Open 7 days a week in Ptbo! 705-742-4222...and also 7 days in Belleville!!!!

Lot's of goal equipment in both!!

Come on in!!!!Bring your trades!!!!CoolCool

We pay cash for jr golf sets!!!Bring 'em in!!!!



Peterborough Hours-Cool

933 Lansdowne st. west!

Mon-     11-7pm

Tues-    11-7pm

Wed-    11-7pm

Thurs-  11-7pm

Fri-        11-7pm

Sat-       9- 6pm     

Sun-     11-5pm

Belleville  Hours-Cool!!!!!!

393 Sidney Street!

Mon-       11-6pm

Tues-      11-6pm

Wed-       11-6pm

Thurs-     11-6pm

Fri-          11-6pm

Sat-         10-5pm

Sun-        11-4pm

We accept:- debit 

                   - cash

                   - visa

                   - mastercard

                   - PAYPAL

                   - pay on website!!



Phone us at: 705-742-4222 in Peterborough..                                     613-969-9777 in Belleville!!!

Come on in and have a browse!!!!